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BIOLAND - Polish premiere in September 2024

Choreography: Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov in collaboration with the dancers

Originally created for Kibbutz Contemporary Dance

Polish premiere: September 2024 in Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Kraków, Poland

Dancers: Magda Niedzielska, Michał Przybyła, Agnieszka Jachym, Agata Kamykowska, Marta Mietelska-Topór

“You do not live outside the scene, but within it, subject to all the same horrors you can see afflicting the lives of animals”

David Wallace-Wells, “The Uninhabitable Earth”

“Bioland” is an exploration of matters of human influence on our planet.

Anthropocentrism values humans as the central or most significant entities in the universe and proposes that nature exists primarily for human use and exploitation, creating a significant distinction between humans and nature, a conceptual boundary that has been shaped by cultural, philosophical and scientific perspectives.

Project is co-financed by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

“Bioland” is an effort to warp that perceived distinction.

The work serves as a movement commentary on the climate crisis from the perspective of those significantly impacted but often overlooked - the voiceless entities of the natural world.

Sustainable art- our upcycling activites

We deeply believe that waste is an ideal scenographic material and upcycling is worth promoting widely as an element of sustainable art.

We cooperate and offer the skills of freelance visual artists from all over Poland, who developed their own upcycling techniques. @platforma.ekoup

What can we design and produce for you with our team is:
💥 a full-size scenography
💥 art installations,
💥 costumes,
💥 props and gadgets,
- everything made of waste materials ♻️

We can also organize open actions with locals creating upcycling art in public space. It may be, for example, an interesting action promoting your dance event or an element of street performance. It may be an element that will remain permanently in the public area.

[The photo shows a scenography made of upcycled artificial flowers]

📷 Barbara Szydłowska

The Hungry Ones by Agnieszka Jachym

Original: GŁODNI

Direction | choreography: Agnieszka Jachym
Cast: Paweł Kozłowski | Marta Mietelska-Topór | Sabina Pyka | Damian Rusyn

“One of the basic tricks is to talk, if there is no other way, of hunger as something impersonal, almost abstract, as a phenomenon in itself. Hunger, fight against hunger. Counteracting hunger. Famine. But hunger does not exist apart from the people who endure it. The problem is not hunger, the problem is starving people.”
– Martin Caparrós Hunger

The HUNGRY Ones is primarily a reportage about a man – about ourselves. It’s a conversation about life and the decisions we make every day or over which we had no influence. It happens that these choices make our rhythm of everyday life dependent on waiting in line for a hot meal, deprive us of a roof over our heads, exclude us.

In his book Hunger, Martin Caparrós points out that “the future is a luxury available to those who eat”. Looking at selected streets of Krakow, whose empty sidewalks turn into a crowded space at appropriate times of the day, we wonder about the fate of malnourished people. Does providing them with food guarantee a better future? The performance is also a peculiar look in the mirror. Do the attitudes we adopt as a society, also in a global context, support the equal distribution of livelihoods? How easy is it for us to throw away leftovers from our own plates or get rid of expired products?

The show is dedicated to viewers aged 16+.
An integral part of the performance is a documentary film with English subtitles.

Project’s partner: the Crush On Trash Foundation
The project was implemented as part of the Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow for Agnieszka Jachym.
📷 Nikolay Raychev

Pufy wykonane z opon samochodowych i starych banerów oraz upcyklingowe instrumenty - rainmakery.

Carbon Footprint Summit in numbers:
- 1800 participants
- 2800 online visitors
- roughly 100 experts
- nearly 50 different discussion panels

And us as the Summit partners! That was an intensive weekend, spent in the company of like-minded people who set huge store in issues like balanced development, environment protection or education, and were eager to discuss them at this international event. There was a myriad of topics discussed within panels, authors promoting their books on nature, specialists’ appearances, lectures, a review of films treating ecology, an expo area featuring ecological products, various organizations that promote best practices or zero-waste swap initiatives. We chipped in our bit in the art department presenting our upcycled exhibits like the City Streams installation, Troll figures from the EcoStream project and the Kraków Vice costumes. All the while, in a separate lounge area, the attendees could relax in one of our recycled beanbags while watching our EcoStream. Last but not least, the exceptional effort we had put into the preparation for the Summit would have been in vain, were it not for our tireless volunteers. Thank you!