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City Trends

~~TrashScapes/ Upcycled landscapes

“The first law of ecology is that everything is related to everything else.“

Barry Commoner

While still an informal group, we were invited to present the City Trends installation at the former Cracovia Hotel, now part of the National Museum in Kraków. The installation itself was inspired by a mosaic that adorns the hotel, entitled Cities and created by Helena and Roman Husarski.

City Trends is an attempt to visualize the subject matter of the relations between citizens and an urban ecosystem. The relations which are based on the flow of matter and energy and their circulation within this complex structure. Recycled tyres were used to build this specific cityscape and its non-random forms and shapes. Newly-created “trends” both convey the main message and inspire related observations. The 3-metre high composition, made up of car tyres and bicycle inner tubes, comprises a flow chart (Sankey diagram). The data it contains concerns the amount of used and recycled tyres in four chosen countries, and can be explored in more detail in our Crush on Plot section.
The final outcome was a fusion of sculpting art, upcycling, eco-content, art of dance … and statistical data. An intriguing blend.