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We prefer our projects to differ! Satire ... a tricky genre of the challenging kind we thrive on!

This project is made up of grotesque costumes that reflect the attitudes of humanity towards ecological problems which affect citizens worldwide, not only Cracowians, who it is primarily dedicated to. The costumes are entirely made of trash, abandoned things and municipal waste. Here they are! The six indomitable: Stinkus ordinarius, Polymerum magnum, Debris hubris, Nastius aquarius, Waster vulgaris and Scoopicus greedicus. Photographed in their local Kraków habitats. Each scientifically defined in a nature documentary of its own. Dare you check if you see yourself in the mirror by any chance? 😉

The creative process throughout was in the spirit of the Less Waste,
Zero Waste ideas, not only the message but the overall frame as well.
We are that kind of mix – true to our idée fixe!

Costumes made by:

Karolina Sobońska-Pietroń
A painter, graphic artist, performer. An alumna of the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Fine Arts Academy in Kraków. Cooperating with The Art Color Ballet since 2012, where she does bodypainting, creates costumes, props and set design. In 2016 and 2017 she collaborated with the contemporary art gallery Art Agenda Nova in the organization of two consecutive editions of KRAKERS, Kraków Gallery Weekends. Her paintings bring back to life otherwise hard-to–recycle leftovers of paints used in construction, oil-based or oil-phthalate enamels. She is also upcycling old clothes and fabrics, mainly using tie-dye or shimbori technique.

Olga Pidgorna
A graphic artist and a performer, cooperating with Hula Events Entertainment, the Art Color Ballet and various local and international non-governmental organizations. She has participated in artistic projects both in Poland and abroad, in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria or Greece. Since 2020 she has been designing board game graphics. She has also run numerous artistic workshops, one of the more challenging being Erasmus +, Youth in Action Programme in Berlin. She remains awed by what a creative individual can achieve as long as they are willing and brave.

The project was carried out in cooperation with Karolina Sobońska-Pietroń. It was commissioned by the Podgórze Centre of
Culture within the Commissioning Programme (2nd edition), a part of the Cultural Resistance Programme run by the City of Kraków.