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See you in Wieliczka tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. where our Agata Kamykowska, Magda Niedzielska and Stanisław Iwanicki will be joining forces with Tomasz Prudel and Monika Skolarczyk from DUO performance, singing and dancing to a spectacular display of fire effects

Summertime, vacations, hot and fiery, another performance in our diary!

The World of Music amid Fire concert promoting DUO Performance’s The Greatest Hits cd is
the latest fun project we are pleased to be taking part in. Two powerful voices, explosions of
fire and delicate dance, you simply can’t miss it!

This time we are in …

Following the inauguration of Kraków Vice we have asked you what your favourite anti-hero of our paradocumentary cycle is. Turns out that Nastius Aquarius has thrashed the opposition!

Well done, Olga Pidgorna – the costume author and the actress in one person.
Check out the other nominees, by all means!

One of our aims is to support young artists in their activities and development. We help them find inspiration and ideas for their creative projects, and we assist them in getting financial support. Far from taking over, we gently nudge them in the right direction. One such photographic project has just been …