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BIOLAND - Polish premiere in September 2024

Choreography: Megan Doheny & Ilya Nikurov in collaboration with the dancers

Originally created for Kibbutz Contemporary Dance

Polish premiere: September 2024 in Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Kraków, Poland

Dancers: Magda Niedzielska, Michał Przybyła, Agnieszka Jachym, Agata Kamykowska, Marta Mietelska-Topór

“You do not live outside the scene, but within it, subject to all the same horrors you can see afflicting the lives of animals”

David Wallace-Wells, “The Uninhabitable Earth”

“Bioland” is an exploration of matters of human influence on our planet.

Anthropocentrism values humans as the central or most significant entities in the universe and proposes that nature exists primarily for human use and exploitation, creating a significant distinction between humans and nature, a conceptual boundary that has been shaped by cultural, philosophical and scientific perspectives.

Project is co-financed by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

“Bioland” is an effort to warp that perceived distinction.

The work serves as a movement commentary on the climate crisis from the perspective of those significantly impacted but often overlooked - the voiceless entities of the natural world.