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Pufy wykonane z opon samochodowych i starych banerów oraz upcyklingowe instrumenty - rainmakery.

Carbon Footprint Summit in numbers:
- 1800 participants
- 2800 online visitors
- roughly 100 experts
- nearly 50 different discussion panels

And us as the Summit partners! That was an intensive weekend, spent in the company of like-minded people who set huge store in issues like balanced development, environment protection or education, and were eager to discuss them at this international event. There was a myriad of topics discussed within panels, authors promoting their books on nature, specialists’ appearances, lectures, a review of films treating ecology, an expo area featuring ecological products, various organizations that promote best practices or zero-waste swap initiatives. We chipped in our bit in the art department presenting our upcycled exhibits like the City Streams installation, Troll figures from the EcoStream project and the Kraków Vice costumes. All the while, in a separate lounge area, the attendees could relax in one of our recycled beanbags while watching our EcoStream. Last but not least, the exceptional effort we had put into the preparation for the Summit would have been in vain, were it not for our tireless volunteers. Thank you!