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The Hungry Ones by Agnieszka Jachym

Original: GŁODNI

Direction | choreography: Agnieszka Jachym
Cast: Paweł Kozłowski | Marta Mietelska-Topór | Sabina Pyka | Damian Rusyn

“One of the basic tricks is to talk, if there is no other way, of hunger as something impersonal, almost abstract, as a phenomenon in itself. Hunger, fight against hunger. Counteracting hunger. Famine. But hunger does not exist apart from the people who endure it. The problem is not hunger, the problem is starving people.”
– Martin Caparrós Hunger

The HUNGRY Ones is primarily a reportage about a man – about ourselves. It’s a conversation about life and the decisions we make every day or over which we had no influence. It happens that these choices make our rhythm of everyday life dependent on waiting in line for a hot meal, deprive us of a roof over our heads, exclude us.

In his book Hunger, Martin Caparrós points out that “the future is a luxury available to those who eat”. Looking at selected streets of Krakow, whose empty sidewalks turn into a crowded space at appropriate times of the day, we wonder about the fate of malnourished people. Does providing them with food guarantee a better future? The performance is also a peculiar look in the mirror. Do the attitudes we adopt as a society, also in a global context, support the equal distribution of livelihoods? How easy is it for us to throw away leftovers from our own plates or get rid of expired products?

The show is dedicated to viewers aged 16+.
An integral part of the performance is a documentary film with English subtitles.

Project’s partner: the Crush On Trash Foundation
The project was implemented as part of the Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow for Agnieszka Jachym.
📷 Nikolay Raychev