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Sustainable art- our upcycling activites

We deeply believe that waste is an ideal scenographic material and upcycling is worth promoting widely as an element of sustainable art.

We cooperate and offer the skills of freelance visual artists from all over Poland, who developed their own upcycling techniques. @platforma.ekoup

What can we design and produce for you with our team is:
💥 a full-size scenography
💥 art installations,
💥 costumes,
💥 props and gadgets,
- everything made of waste materials ♻️

We can also organize open actions with locals creating upcycling art in public space. It may be, for example, an interesting action promoting your dance event or an element of street performance. It may be an element that will remain permanently in the public area.

[The photo shows a scenography made of upcycled artificial flowers]

📷 Barbara Szydłowska